About Us

High Quality Manufacturer of
Fiberglass & Acrylic Bath Fixtures

Our Resolve

In our zealous effort to excel, we have committed to ourselves and to our customers to become the "Greenest Bathtub Manufacturer". We are proud of our efforts to move into the "Green" era by manufacturing the highest quality with the lowest emissions in the industry.

As our goals are constantly met every day of the year, we resolve to perform better, to produce higher quality and better designed products to service our customers the way we insist on being served.

We fervently support the highest ideals and the combined values of good people with extraordinary know-how joining forces to serve our marketplace… and to only produce products of excellent value.

Our products are listed by an accredited Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory to make sure that our standards remain high.


WE ARE SERVICE … and we are Producers.

We are a strong contingent of this country’s stand for the resurgence of American products reassuming a dominant domestic sales and services position.


We resolve to maintain a leadership position and to continually warrant our customers’ faith in our mutually beneficial efforts.

If ever any one of our products does not meet our high standards or yours, we want to hear from you. For it is only in that way that we can chart our progress and meet our goal of being the best.

Fiber Care Baths, Inc.
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Adelanto, CA 92301

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