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The finished surface of this bath tub/shower unit is manufactured from high-quality polyester gel coat. It will provide many years of high-gloss beauty by following these instructions.

WAX ENTIRE UNIT at least once per year. Any Carnuba based wax will do a good job. If using a paste wax, allow wax to dry i.e. a haze develops, then remove with a soft cotton rag. This gives the best and longest lasting results.

DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS like Ajax or Comet; these will scratch the surface. Use liquid cleaners only. There are a variety of cleaners available at your local supermarket.

DO NOT USE SOLVENTS such as lacquer thinner; these are very flammable and will harm the finish. In extreme hard water conditions, mineral deposits may build up over time. These can be fairly easily removed with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Make a paste with water and scrub affected areas. Wax after scrubbing.

In the event of accidental nicks, gouges, scratches, chips, etc., there are several inexpensive minor repair kits available at hardware stores. They are simple to use and yield very satisfactory results. In the unlikely event of major damage through accident or where pipe repairs become necessary and holes must be cut through walls of units; these can also be repaired very satisfactorily. Consult your local yellow pages for Fiberglass Repair Service.


Our products carry a 3-year warranty against factory defects. Our jetted tubs also carry a 3-year warranty against factory defects on the tub and 1 year warranty on the whirlpool pump. For service, call (760) 246-0019 and ask for Customer Service Desk.

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