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Indulge yourself with our luxurious all-in-one tub/shower combos.  These stylish designs offer rich tile-like textures, provide diverse functionality and add rich beauty to bathroom environments.  Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and multiple features.

Choose from an imaginative variety of designs, shapes and sizes including oval, rectangular, corner and hourglass.  Enhance the bathing experience with optional whirlpool jets, and other customizing features.

For those installations that require a shower only, Fiber Care’s selection of stall showers can solve virtually any space and design requirement.  Available in tile-like designs, an upscale shower installation is simple and attractive.

Fiber Care Baths offers a wide variety of acrylic and fiberglass shower pans. Features include non-skid textured bottom surfaces, HydroBerm top front edge splash guards and reinforced pan bottoms that support 300lb. load tests. Our inventory of sizes and shapes fit most shower environments.

Handicapped adaptable showers are designed for wheelchair access and easy entry. Non-skid textured bottom surfaces are standard with reinforced sides and backs for handrails and seats, meeting ANSI ICC A117.1-2009 (Section 609). Seats and grab bars are available options.

Designed for people with limited space in their bathrooms, walk-in bathtubs offer ample legroom and wide enough seat for an average-sized person to enjoy a relaxing bath. Additional customizing options, including whirlpool kits, are available.

Re-creating the Look of NYC Subways

From the moment that ceramic subway tiles made their debut in New York City's subterranean train stations in the early 1900s, they captured the public's imagination. Steve Hess, founder of Fiber Care Baths was the first to design and produce our stylish version of these 6” x 3” Subway Tiles as a creative alternative to the traditional 4” x 4” tile style used in our high quality fiberglass and acrylic bathroom fixtures.

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